We donate a portion of each sale of our goats to Heifer International at www.heifer.org which helps hungry families feed themselves.  More children around the world get protein from goat milk because goats can thrive in such diverse environments.  The gift of a dairy goat can provide a family with milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, and a way to make money.  When the family applies for the gift, they pass the gift on by giving their offspring to another needy family and teach them the skills of management that they have learned. A valuable mission we have chosen to support.

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Happy Kids Hollow is located in Plattsburg, Missouri; just North of Kansas City, Missouri.  We raise Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. As a fifth and six generation farming family, it is our goal to produce healthy crops, livestock, and products that satisfy the recipient.

Our opportunity began as a request from our three boys who are animal lovers and entrepreneurs.  Upon researching which animal would be a good fit, we have found our Nigerian Dwarf to be perfect.  We have bottle babies upon request.  Be sure to view our
 ' Kids For Sale' page to see our new arrivals.  We thoroughly enjoy showing and try to breed based on proper structure in an effort to attain the best dairy characteristics possible.  We are blessed with loving these "kids" and hope you will be too.  Enjoy!
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The Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats continue to have a big future.  They are a colorful miniature dairy goat.  The Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goat is of West African origin. Their conformation is similiar to that of the larger dairy breeds having body parts in balanced porportion to their small size. The nose is straight, ears being upright and forward in position, with short to medium length hair on a soft coat.

This miniature breed does not require the space their larger counterpart dairy goats need, which makes the care for them practical for the small farm owner. Likewise, they do not require as much feed as their larger counterparts.

A healthy Nigerian Dwarf doe can produce over 2 quarts of sweet milk per day.  They have gentle, lovable personalities.  Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats have a calm, even temperament making them ideal for children. Even bucks have a calm disposition.

The height standards on the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat is 17" - 19" at the top of the withers with AGS's maximum height being 22.5."   For bucks, 18" - 20" with AGS's maximum height at 23.5."   The average adult weight of a Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat is about 75 pounds.

Color is one of the big factors that make breeding the Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat so popular. You can never be sure what color the babies will be until they are born.  The main color families are black, white, chocolate, red and gold.  The color and pattern combinations seem to be endless. Any color or pattern is acceptable in the breed standard.  Each doe can have up to 6 kids with each kidding, but 2 and 3 kids are more common.  The Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat kids weigh about 2 pounds at birth.  They are irresistibly cute!

     Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats in Kansas City, Missouri, USA
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